Special Happy package

A one-day Discovery Tour that gives expats the ins-and-outs of life in Tehran even before their arrival.


Your expat will be fully orientated to the expat residential areas, work location, and school. In addition, they will be introduced to the main shopping areas, the local hospital, public transport, sporting facilities, leisure and entertainment. All the while your dedicated Happy Mobility consultant will be responding to queries and concerns, and providing useful tips on Iran and the Iranian way of life.

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Super Happy Package

This 3-day package includes a Discovery Tour and Home Search giving exclusive access to some of Tehran’s most desirable accommodations.


During Three days, the family will build their new life by selecting their new home, meeting with the school board to enroll the kids, and discover life as an expat in Iran. Prior to the family’s trip to Tehran, a dedicated Happy consultant will gather detailed information on all their housing requirements, pre-select appropriate real estate, schedule visits and remain by their side all the way until everything is in place. Our strong local connections, coupled with our understanding of Western tastes enable us to get the family settled in as quickly as possible.

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Deluxe Happy Package

This complete package includes Discovery Tour, Home Search and Settling-in services and is designed to help your relocating employee through the vital first months of arriving in their new life.

Our “raison-d'être” is to make the family comfortable in their new life to leave your expat free to focus on his new role. Our dedicated consultant will provide all levels of assistance to set-up their daily life from enrolling for language lessons or sport classes, getting Internet installed, buying furniture, or opening a bank account, we will be with them throughout the process, negotiating with the local contacts, and teaching them the ropes.

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Happy Corporate Package

At Happy Mobility Relocation Services, we understand that the expatriation process starts long before the expat’s final arrival.

The Happy Corporate Package is designed to support your HR department to gain an understanding of the rules of engagement in Iran from housing prices, the cost of living, and the dos and don’ts – all designed to save you time and money. We will assist, advise and coach with planning and budgeting, transportation solutions, international schools, expat social communities, immigration and Iranian customs. We will act as your representative helping to implement your company’s policies in Iran. This package also includes a one-day corporate discovery tour and safety training for one of your staff members.

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Extra Happy Services

Happy Mobility Relocation Services believes in minimizing agents and intermediaries to reduce confusion and to optimize time and money.

We can provide Extra-Services such as: immigration assistance, hotel booking, airport pick-up & transfer, daily car rental, long-term car rental, short-term housing, household staffing, and assistance with earthquake safety approval. We offer training packages including: intercultural training and safety training. Finally, we can produce bespoke reports on any aspect of relocation to Iran.

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